Musical Theatre

I love Musical Theatre, and have been writing it since I was about 16 – that’s well over ten years. As a child and teen, I learned the piano to grade 8 but I was always more interested in the composition side. Especially when it came to theatre. Read More →

Dash of Lime

My first ever full show, and one that was staged with a 25-piece orchestra and cast of 6 at the University of York’s Sir Jack Lyons concert hall. Learn more→

Just William the Musical

This was a collaboration with Oliver Howlett. I crafted a story from the classic Richmal Crompton books – a sort of ‘best of’ the earliest tales. I wrote (and co-wrote) some of my best music for this project, but we sadly were not granted permission to officially perform it by the estate. Learn more→

These Four Walls

This was a collaboration between Jordan Taylor and I. Russell is at a work conference, and in his solitude, his mind wonders to some of the defining moments in his life, including the revelation that he is gay. Learn more→

Disappearing Wonderful

Disappearing Wonderful was the show I wrote and composed for my MA in Musical Theatre Writing from Goldsmiths. It was very well received, and after developing it further, I intend to revisit it in the near future. Learn more→


Skydive is my current musical theatre project. A step away from comedy, it focuses on some of the atrocities that went on in the mental health sector in fairly recent history. I feel music will help tell this potentially very difficult story.