Elevator Pitch

Set in 2050, HIVE simulates a world without money. The brainchild of an economist and philosopher, the experiment involves 10,000 people in a micro-climate where everything is provided, and nobody is required to work (unless they want to).

Instead of money, there is a rewards system for motivation, and a points system for food, but all basic needs are met. It is designed to stimulate new innovations in a world where manual jobs are performed by computers/AI.

HIVE deals with the social, technological, societal and humanistic traits that define (and flaw) the concept. The story is told in three parts; inside HIVE (with onus on specially selected ‘Subjects’ who volunteered to have their lives closely monitored), the Bubble (where creator, Mark Lowerman overlooks everything and tries to control his life’s work), and flashbacks to Mark’s life as a young man (starting in 2009, where he was homeless, and given £1000 as part of a social experiment).

HIVE is exciting, compelling, unexpected and extremely relevant. It will be enjoyed by a wide and varied audience; there’s something for everyone in HIVE, whether it’s the quirky characters, neat inventions, romances, philosophy or detail and twists within the plot lines.


Main Characters (short descriptions)

Inside HIVE

GEMMA: Undercover investigator. Mark’s secret daughter. Inward, often subdued and sometimes manipulative.

TRAVERS: Stay at home Dad. Unhappy in HIVE. Suspicious of Gemma and wants to know more about HIVE.

LUKE: Hacker and all-round genius. A little shy, but comes out of his shell throughout series 1

NIGEL: Extrovert, joker and unlikely people’s person. Smart, but not as sophisticated as he thinks

CAROL: Initially flirtatious, seems to latch onto what she perceives to be powerful men. Later revealed as an act, and she is working for a greater purpose.

LUCY: Smart and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Quiet, but when she does speak, it’s always right.

KEVIN: Nice guy. Fairly smart and innovative. A little bland.

JERRY: Acting as Martin, a kindly, stereotypical old man who is fascinated by everything.

BOBBY: Flamboyant actor in his late 50s. Grouchy and sweary, but with contrasting ‘on screen’ persona.

SAM: Old, weary and sick. He has a dark side.

Control Room

MARK: In charge of project. People’s person. Made up HIVE concept. Nice guy persona, but authoritative.

PATRICK: Second in command but in charge of technical aspects. Impatient, over thinker, analytical.

TERRENCE: HIVE’s government liaison. Stuck up, officious, stickler for the rules. Weary of HIVE, and resentful of having to be involved with it – feels it’s inappropriate and beneath him.

Flashbacks to 2009

(YOUNG) MARK: Sweet and caring, but sad. Was once trusting but the world has let him down.

(YOUNG) JERRY: Cockney geezer. His guard is up, but he’s sensitive underneath.